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Finally, there is an option to build muscle and sculpt the body you want when diet and exercise alone have not achieved your goals. New innovations from medical aesthetics specialists, Cutera offer a unique and effective alternative when traditional methods just aren’t enough.1

Studies show that most of us – 79% – are unhappy with our bodies.6  There is a seemingly insurmountable gap between the body we would like to have and what we can achieve, even with time and money spent on diet and exercise. Studies have shown that 70% of gym memberships go wasted due to barriers created by the realities of life:7

  • Being too tired
  • Not enough time to spare
  • Lack of motivation
  • Don’t like exercising
  • Too busy
  • Feeling too old

People rightfully don’t like spending time and money on gym memberships and diets that just aren’t working for them. People want a better solution! Introducing Cutera’s truSculpt flex, a non-surgical body sculpting solution that helps you achieve your body shaping goals.

Cutera’s truSculpt® flex is based on the unique Multi-Directional Stimulation (MDS), a new muscle stimulation technology that provides safe and consistent results with direct muscle stimulation. MDS works by using a bioelectrical impulse that has been researched to provide targeted muscle stimulation for optimal strengthening, firming, and toning of the abdomen, glutes, and thighs.

The MDS technology is controlled and personalized using Cutera’s patented truControl™ delivery, adjusting the polarity, intensity, and direction of the bioelectrical muscle stimulation. This allows a customized targeting of selected muscles to create multiple types of muscle contractions, optimizing the principle of muscle confusion. truControl adjusts the speed, direction, and intensity of the waveforms to your specific goals, such as increasing muscle mass or toning.

truSculpt flex works by stimulating eight muscle groups simultaneously in the abdominal, buttocks, and thigh areas. If that sounds like a lot, it’s because it is; truSculpt flex covers a larger treatment area than any other device in the body shaping industry. The workout regimens include a conditioning routine, strength training, and interval training.

The intensity of the truSculpt flex workout goes well beyond that of traditional gym-based exercises. For example, a truSculpt flex workout produces the equivalent of up to 54,000 abdominal crunches with each treatment of 45 minutes.3  truSculpt flex also creates up to 20 contractions per second without any lactic acid build-up.

Cutera’s truSculpt flex has proven to be superior to magnetic-based technologies – such as Emsculpt by BTL and CoolTone by CoolSculpting – which poses the following limitations:1

  • Inability to target a specific muscle group
  • Cover only one or two areas per treatment
  • Only produce single, linear muscle contractions
  • Single-mode does not offer muscle confusion or interval training
  • Fewer contractions per second and per treatment
  • Inability to challenge muscles on a long-term basis

As should be done with any high-intensity body sculpting program, truSculpt flex treatments allow your body to progress from workout to workout by operating in three modes. These modes are personalized to meet your specific fitness level and goals:

  • Prep mode: this mode eases your body into the workout and prepares it for the transformative process by reproducing the twisting motions that stretch muscles and properly condition them for the next two modes.
  • Tone mode: This has the same effect as an intense strength and endurance training regimen by simulating exercises such as squats and crunches. The purpose is to strengthen the targeted muscles by contracting and holding the muscles to exhaustion before relaxing and repeating. This mode helps build muscle mass.
  • Sculpt mode: This part of the truSculpt flex workout involves fast, deep muscle contractions in rapid succession. This mode increases the basal metabolic rate (BMR) to help better define muscles.

Perhaps the best feature of truSculpt flex is that it takes as little as four treatments over 2 weeks to get the results you seek. In addition, patients continue to improve up to 12 weeks post-treatment, showing dramatic effects. (figure 1) With no downtime, truSculpt flex workouts are a lunchtime activity, perfect for a busy mom, working professionals, or anyone with an active lifestyle.

Studies have demonstrated significant benefits of truSculpt flex treatments over other technologies:4,5

  • Average of 30% muscle mass increase
  • Reduced low back pain
  • Improved range of motion and flexibility
  • Increased endurance
  • Comfortable treatments with no downtime

Whether you are an experienced fitness enthusiast or just beginning a journey to the “new you,” truSculpt flex is customized to your comfort level and level of fitness. Whether your goal is muscle building, strengthening, muscle-sculpting, slimming and toning, or just perfecting those stubborn areas that you can’t address with the gym alone, truSculpt flex is for you.

For more information about truSculpt flex, including before and after photos and a physician locator, please visit

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