Published: Friday, March 22, 2019

I Had My Fat Melted

This year I’ve been focusing on myself again. It’s crazy to realize that my littlest will be turning 4 here in a month and my kids are no longer babies anymore! Pregnancy threw a lot of changes at me and I even did extended breastfeeding for 2 1/2 years with both Dylan and Mei, and so for over 5 years, I felt that my body’s purpose was primarily for growing my babies. While it’s an experience I am so grateful for, I will admit that I was ready to have my body back to being just mine again!

Fitness has always been a love of mine (and a much-needed stress relief on many days!), and I’ve been making changes on the diet side as well with cutting out sugar and adding in intermittent fasting. It hasn’t been easy and while certain areas have slimmed down more quickly, other areas just seem to be more stubborn!

Luckily, technology has also come a long way and no doubt you’ve heard the latest buzz surrounding non-invasive body contouring procedures hitting the market. The latest of these fat-reducing treatments is truSculpt iD by Cutera, and I’m so excited that I was able to try it out to share with you all!

What is truSculpt® iD?

truSculpt iD is the latest non-invasive fat reduction treatment that was actually just launched this summer! It works by heating fat cells using monopolar radiofrequency so that they can die off and be naturally eliminated by your body. The machine comes with 6 individual handpieces, each about 3”x 3”, that can be placed in different target areas all at once. The handpieces alternate in heating up and it’s just a short 15 minutes for the treatment to be done!

truSculpt iD penetrates deep to treat the entire fat layer and it’s been clinically proven to reduce fat by an average of 24% in just one treatment, with changes being noticeable around 6-12 weeks!

What does truSculpt iD feel like?

No numbing or other kind of anesthetic is needed for truSculpt iD. The pulses of heat that are emitted from each handpiece feel most similar to a hot stone massage. I had my treatment done with Dr. Mummadi (she has an office in both Dallas as well as McKinney) and she did everything to ensure I was as comfortable as could be. The handpieces are hands-free and a wrap will be added on top just to keep them in place. Towards the end of the treatment, I did notice some sweating as the handpieces heated up, but seriously it was the easiest fat-loss treatment ever!

Is there any downtime?

No downtime at all!! Can you believe that you can jump right back into your normal lifestyle after the treatment is done? Unlike other treatments where you may feel some tingling or aching (*cough* CoolSculpting!), there are no differences in how your body feels once truSculpt iD is complete. You are free to even go workout immediately after leaving the doctor’s office if you wish! I had a bit of redness but the area felt completely the same after the treatment. When I checked my treatment areas about 30 minutes later, I didn’t even notice any sort of remaining redness.

What areas can truSculpt iD treat?

truSculpt iD is suitable for all body shapes and types and has so much versatility when it comes to treatment areas! The most popular areas that are treated with truSculpt iD are the abdomen and the flanks, but the technology can also be used to treat trickier areas that may be hard to reach with other treatments.

For me, I noticed a difference right around the 5-week mark and have continued to see more improvement now that I’m around week 7 post-treatment. My jeans fit so much better and I even notice my over-the-knee boots fitting so much better!

truSculpt iD vs CoolSculpting - What's the difference?

CoolSculpting has been all the rage when it comes to non-invasive body contouring treatments. I actually have had CoolSculpting done and I can honestly give you a comparison of the two. CoolSculpting exposes fat cells to extreme cold to freeze them, causing them to die and be eliminated by the body over time. truSculpt iD, on the other hand, heats up the fat cells which cause them to shrink and be eliminated by the body over time. Both truSculpt iD and CoolSculpting technologies boast similar fat reduction averages after a single treatment, so then it comes down to the other side effects and differences between the treatment options. Personally, I prefer truSculpt iD and here is why:

  • truSculpt iD is more versatile: With CoolSculpting, you need to have enough fat so that you can suction it into one of their handpieces. If there is not enough fat, then that problem area is not eligible. For me when I was looking into CoolSculpting, I didn’t have enough “pinchable” fat in either my outer or inner thighs. With truSculpt iD, the handpieces are placed on top of the skin and can seriously go anywhere. truSculpt iD also has smaller handpieces so you then have options for smaller spot treatments!
  • No post-treatment tingling or aching: With CoolSculpting, it’s common to have a temporary sensation or itching/tingling that can last for days to several weeks. I know others have even had a bit of swelling from CoolSculpting treatments. With truSculpt iD, the side effects are really just some redness, sweating, and mild tenderness. For me, I found it so much easier to get back to my normal lifestyle with truSculpt iD!
  • Faster treatment times: CoolSculpting treatments last anywhere from 35 minutes to 105 minutes, while truSculpt iD treatments are 15 to 30 minutes. truSculpt iD is seriously faster than CoolSculpting and when you’re busy with work/family, this makes a huge difference!

For me, I love that we now have technologies that allow us to sculpt our bodies without the downtime of traditional liposuction. Feeling good in my body and taking care of myself is something that I’ve always worked for, but I’m so glad that there are now options that help with those stubborn problem areas that sometimes just don’t respond to diet and exercise. If you’re wanting to do something for yourself and get the body you’ve always wanted, I highly recommend checking out truSculpt iD. You can book an appointment with Dr. Mummadi who performed my treatment and stop by either her Dallas or McKinney office!


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