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Kei Negishi, M.D., Ph.D


Cutera Advocate Kei Negishi

Cutera Customer Since 2003

Why Cutera

The greatest feature of Cutera's products is that it can be used safely and effectively even on dark skin types. I’m honored because the limelight 'Sun-mode' and enlighten ‘low fluence green’ settings I have proposed have been adopted into the devices. I also love the stability and good design of Cutera’s products.


Dr. Kei Negishi focuses her research and practice on minimally invasive treatments for darker skin types, with a concentration on minimizing complications while extracting maximum efficacy using laser, light, and other energy-based devises. A specialist in treating pigmented lesions, she has completed pioneering work with multiple device modalities, with a recent focus on picosecond lasers. Her medical specialty is in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and she completed her Ph.D. in Dermatology. Currently, she serves as Associate Professor of the Institute of Geriatrics of Tokyo Women’s Medical University and serves as a Council Member of the Japanese Society for Aesthetic Dermatology, etc. She has published over 60 scientific papers in Japanese and international journals and textbook chapters as author or co-author.