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Andrew Clark, M.D.

Cosmetic Medicine — Perth, Australia

Cutera Advocate Andrew Clark

Cutera Customer Since 2016

Why Cutera

I had been using Lasers in my cosmetic practice for a few years before I bought my first Cutera machine. It wasn’t until I bought a Cutera laser that I realised just how important energy based devices could be for building my practice. The machine itself was beautifully made and the consistency of the machine’s output was so obviously apparent - which made it a pleasure to use. However, what impressed me the most, was the exceedingly high level of training provided by Cutera which was backed up by such genuine follow-up effort from Cutera to make sure their device was succeeding in my practice.


Recently selected as one of the ‘Ultimate 100 Global Aesthetic Leaders” of 2019, Dr. Andrew Clark is both an internationally published scientific author and experienced medical doctor now exclusively practicing cosmetic medicine. He is the medical director and founder of the MIRA Clinic which operates at several locations in Western Australia and Queensland. He first trained in the use of medical relaxers and dermal fillers over thirteen years ago and has worked along side many leading plastic surgeons, cosmetic physicians and professors in Australia, the United States and the Netherlands. A medical practitioner since 2000, in 2005 Dr Clark also gained his PhD in the fields of skin and muscle biochemistry. As a regular delegate and speaker at national and international conferences, Dr Clark is always well versed with the latest developments in the cosmetic medicine field and incorporates these into his practice.