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Adriana Holy, M.D.

Dermatologist — AZ, USA

Cutera Advocate Adriana Holy

Cutera Customer Since 2018

Why Cutera

After 20 years in solo practice dermatology, I can fairly say, 'I've seen it all.' I don't have the advantages of a large practice with built-in referrals so device purchase is scary. Our Cutera rep works particularly hard to service us, but it's the other things that Cutera does that are exceptional. In addition to participating in our annual event and multiple lunch-and-learns, Cutera connects us with the scientists who develop the devices so we can best utilize them, and also with leading practitioners, who generously share their expertise and personal experience, allowing for a fast path to success.


Dr. Holy is a nationally renowned dermatologist who is the founder and lead physician at Phoenix/Scottsdale based THE CENTER for Advanced Dermatology. She is the 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 recipient of the Best Dermatologist award designation by Arizona Foothills magazine.

Dr. Holy is a graduate of Harvard University, Northwestern University Medical School and New York University Dermatology. She also worked on research involving skin cancer and the immune system at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Dr. Holy has earned a reputation as the best dermatologist in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area because of her expertise with cutting edge medical and aesthetic care and unique, in-depth, highly personalized experience she provides patients using the latest technology and advancements.

Dr. Holy’s THE CENTER for Advanced Dermatology is known as the ultimate destination for dermatology and attracts patients across the nation.