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Published: Tuesday, December 19, 2017
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Making the Transition from Pulsed Dye Laser to excel V

With over ten years’ experience leading a cosmetic and general dermatology practice in the greater Chicago area, Jeffrey Hsu, MD, FAAD, recognizes that the key to practice success is understanding the patients’ needs and being able to meet them. That may involve breaking away from the traditional methods taught in medical school.  “I come from the world of pulsed dye lasers. I was trained on PDL,” Dr. Hsu says. “But to bill yourself as a laser expert, you must have a system that enables you to treat a wide range of conditions.” That’s why Dr. Hsu is moving beyond PDL and opening up a new world of treatments possibilities with excel® V.

Laser Solutions for Vascular and Pigment Conditions—and a Diverse Patient Base

Dr. Hsu’s clientele consists of a number of Asian patients and other individuals with darker skin types. In the past, treating their pigmentary and vascular conditions with pulsed dye lasers could be problematic. “If you’re not careful in the treatment of lentigines, for example, pulsed dye lasers can make things worse by causing postinflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH),” Dr. Hsu says. PIH can be the result of the laser treatment itself or the cryogen-based cooling plused dye lasers use to alleviate discomfort.

excel V - Rosaceaexcel v - Pigmented Lesions

That’s why Dr. Hsu relies on excel V, a high-performance dual wavelength device that uses Nd:YAG laser technology from Cutera."I find that the excel V is a very effective laser — it's my go-to laser for treating lentigines on Asian skin," he says. “It dramatically lowers the risk of PIH on darker skin types and enables me to treat challenging pigmentary issues including melasma, which also has a vascular component to it.

It dramatically lowers the risk of PIH on darker skin types and enables me to treat challanging pigmentary issue, including melasma, which also has a vascular component to it."

excel v - Pigmented Lesions

Treating Pigment and Vascular Conditions on Pediatric Patients

For pediatric patients, Dr. Hsu says, “we should be aware of the entire experience, all of the child’s sensory inputs, including hearing and feeling. PDL treatments can be scary for children—the systems are loud, and the cryogen spray can be jarring.” excel V is a quiet device, and the integrated sapphire contact cooling improves comfort for the patient throughout the treatment. “The little boy or girl can barely feel it. Before the child can even make a fuss, the treatment is over.”

Dr. Hsu cites a split-face study that compares the 532 with 595, in which the 532 nm demonstrated excellent  outcomes with low discomfort. “I see that every single day with our patients,” Dr. Hsu agrees. “We achieve excellent outcomes with far less discomfort.” 

CUTERA: Understanding Physicians' Needs

Dr. Hsu has placed his trust in the excel V system because, like him, Cutera recognizes the importance of understanding the needs of its customers. “Cutera is always responsive to feedback,” he says. “They asked physicians what we would include if we were to design a vascular laser. They then took that feedback back to the lab and developed the perfect vascular laser with our needs in mind. Cutera also understands that purchasing consumables is a burden for physicians, so we’re very grateful that the excel V doesn’t require consumables.”

Featuring two clinically proven wavelengths, spot sizes ranging from 2 mm to 12 mm, and integrated sapphire contact cooling, the excel V provides clinicians like Dr. Hsu the ability to customize treatments based on the patient, condition, and desired outcomes for vascular and pigmentary concerns. “We initially purchased the excel V for vascular treatments, because its 532 nm and 1064 nm wavelengths enable us to treat even thick hemangiomas and leg veins. Over time we came to see how effective it is for treating pigmentary concerns as well. And as we become more comfortable working in different parameters, we are able to expand our applications even further.” 

To learn more about the many advantages the excel V system can deliver for your practice, schedule a consultation today or join Cutera at a workshop near you.  



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