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Mary Dingley, MD

Cosmetic Medicine — Queensland, Australia

Mary Dingley, MD

Cosmetic Medicine — Queensland, Australia

Cutera customer since 2012

Why Cutera

I have bought equipment from a number of different companies over the years.

When Cutera first came to Australia, I liked their equipment and attitude, but already had devices that covered what those platforms offered. Had I not had those different lasers, I probably would have bought a platform and become a Cutera customer earlier! I continue to work with some different companies, however there are some that have disappointed me, either through dishonesty, lack of service, or equipment that over-promised and massively under-delivered. I will never again buy anything from some of those companies.

Cutera has always had well-engineered devices with research to back up their use. I have also found their representatives to be honest and helpful rather than just sprouting sales pitches. This produces a sense of confidence in the company and their products.


Dr Mary Dingley became a cosmetic physician in 1987 when cosmetic medicine was in its infancy in Australia Since then, she has expanded her practice to include cosmetic injectables and a wide range of energy-based devices and has become an experienced and respected practitioner, speaker, teacher and advisor to both government and medicolegal organisations.

As well as being a founding Fellow of the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia and a Fellow of the Faculty of Medicine of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery, she was Dean of the latter institution for seven years.

Dr Dingley moved The Cosmetic Medicine Centre to its current location, in Toowong, Brisbane, in 2001. Although a relaxed and comfortable environment, it retains its primarily medical ethos, attracting patients who prefer well-researched treatments conducted by respected, educated practitioners rather than marketing-driven hype.