A Breakthrough in Women's Intimate Health

Today, more than 50% of menopausal woman and 15% of peri-menopausal women are suffering from changes in their gynecological health.1,2

Lasers and light-based technologies can provide a safe, effective solution for symptoms associated with vaginal atrophy such as vaginal lubrication, reduction of itching, burning, and dyspareunia, and address a growing concern for post-partum women who are suffering from vaginal relaxation syndrome.

As women learn about these life-changing treatment options, demand of vaginal rejuvenation procedures is increasing. The estimated market growth potential is expected to grow more than 25% year over year and corresponding physician fees are estimated to hit 3.5B by 2022.2

Juliet is a versatile multi-application platform utilizing an Er:YAG laser with the 2940 nm wavelength. The device incorporates a unique treatment protocol by delivering two passes to the vaginal area to stimulate collagen and revitalize the tissue with minimal downtime and high patient satisfaction.3

Juliet System
  • Vulvar vaginal atrophy
  • Vaginal relaxation syndrome
  • Vulvar remodeling
  • Skin resurfacing

Juliet Technology

Juliet selectively targets the treatment area by delivering the right combination of ablation and coagulation for optimal outcomes with limited side effects.

Juliet delivers two passes to the vaginal wall to improve the symptoms of Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause and Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome.

  • The first pass creates micro-channels of injury to the tissue, causing immediate contraction and imitation of neocollagenesis and collagen remodeling.
  • The second pass delivers a thermal injury, which further stimulates the body’s normal wound healing, revitalizing the mucosa, remodeling damaged tissue and inducing the formation of new vessels.
Unique Two-Pass Approach

Histological studies show neocollagenesis and neoangiogenesis processes after a single treatment with the Juliet vaginal laser. A series of three treatments are recommended for better outcomes with vaginal relaxation syndrome as well as symptoms associated with vaginal atrophy such as vaginal lubrication, reduction of itching, burning, and dyspareunia.

Histological effects

Juliet provides a gentle treatment resulting in minimal downtime and a quick recovery.

Clinical results

Juliet Handpieces

Juliet provides comprehensive treatment options to treat both the vaginal canal and the vulvar area with the SteriSpot and MicroSpot handpieces.

SteriSpot Disposable Handpiece

The SteriSpot disposable handpiece is economically designed to deliver energy to the vaginal wall by easily rotating the handpiece and depositing the energy throughout the canal.

MicroSpot Handpiece

The MicroSpot handpiece is specially-designed to treat external tissue, such as the introitus and vulvar area as well as skin resurfacing on the face and body. The system-integrated smoke evacuator attaches to the Microspot handpiece to control and manage plume distribution for greater safety for the provider and patient.

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